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Hi, I have a dell Inspiron 14 5477, the problem is when I plug the AC connector the mousepad becomes erratic in a way that is impossible to use, auto right click, jumps, random click without clicking  and that kind of stuff, I don't have the original adapter, the plug is that with 3 legs, 2 flat and 1 cilindric in the middle, and the adapter is for 220V, I have tried with 2 different ones but I still have the problem. Thnks

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Hi gonzaloosc,

Thanks for posting.

Unfortunately, it sounds like your computer problems are because the grounding plug on your adapter is missing.  You will need to purchase the correct adapter for your computer so it will work properly. I tried to locate a part number or a location to purchase the correct adapter, but I'm having difficulty locating your system.  Are you sure the model is an Inspiron 14 5477?  If you wish, you can contact me privately and send your Service Tag.  Thanks.

Dell-Robert P
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