EXT MIC DOESN'T WORK - Inspiron 15 7559-A20

Hi guys,

My external mic - a JBL synchros e40bt which works great in other computers - doesn't work with the Inspiron 15 7559-A20 that I bought today, even after updating drivers, checking Dell's Audio software, selecting "this is a microphone" option when plugging in, running Dell's diagnostic program, checking if "Realtek" is showing by the device name, etc.

Can you please help? Such a bad experience with such an expensive computer. 

Thank you so much

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Jim Coates

RE: EXT MIC DOESN'T WORK - Inspiron 15 7559-A20

when plugging in

Hello. I am not familiar with JBL synchros e40bt so I googled it. It appears to be a bluetooth headset device, so I am wondering which laptop port you are plugging it into.

Do the headphones work okay with the headset, but just the mic is not working?

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