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Embarrassing web cam question...

I've never used the webcam that I thought came with my computer a few years ago - an XPS M1210 - I can see that it's built into the lid - but I've never used it and now, am not sure it's functional.  I can't figure out how to turn it on, can't find it in the hardware list, but since I see it...well, I feel nuts - can't find the original documentation, and can't seem to find a manual that will help, either. Any ideas? I hate to give up before I've asked...



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Johnny Heavens
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Re: Embarrassing web cam question...

An easy non-technical way to test your web cam is to download skype or some other program that will look for your web cam. Then use that program to see if your cam works.

If you want to get into it more then check for downloads for your machine. Go here:


Click the "enter a tag" button and then enter your Express Service Tag in to the field provided. This would then get you to a page that will list drives and software for your machine.

If you need more help then knowing your OS will be helpful. ie XP or Vista.

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