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Error when i select the gtx 780


I want to buy he Alienware 17 with gtx 780. When i select the gpu i get a error that i need to select the correct power cord in the link provided


However there is no link?!

What is going on? And how do i report this to the right people? They need to fix this asap. I check last month and i got the same error. Now 1 month later the error is still here...Also i life in Holland but i could not find any DELL/Alienware forum in my language. I hope you guys can understand Dutch

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RE: Error when i select the gtx 780

You need to use Online chat.

If you try to configure an Alienware 17 on the UK Dell website http://www.dell.co.uk when you choose the GTX 780M, the website automatically changes the AC Adapter to 240W.

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