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External Monitor 2560x1440 Dell U2711


     To what dell laptops can I connect a Dell u2711 at full resolution? 2560x1440

     What connection to use? DVI (Dual Link), HDMI, Display Port?

     Does Dell Studio 1558 is capable of that? Maybe new latitudes and precision?


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Re: External Monitor 2560x1440 Dell U2711

Sorry - I cannot help with the specific Dell laptops part.  It will depend on the graphics card (which you can look up) and the output options from each model.

However, apparently, DVI (Dual Link) and DisplayPort both work at full resolution (i.e. 2560x1440).

It would appear that HDMI should also work, as long as you have a "High Speed" / "Category 2" connection; however, I am having problems in getting this to work.

At present, I appear to be limited to 1920x1080 over HDMI.  I can get more via VGA and understand that my graphics card is not the problem.

Perhaps someone can help iro how to get 2560x1440 via HDMI out and answer your question iro which specific Dell laptops you could use.

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Re: External Monitor 2560x1440 Dell U2711

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Re: External Monitor 2560x1440 Dell U2711

You can only use a Laptop with a SandyBridge CPU+GPU or a extra AMD/NVidia Card with support of the Resolution. The DVI, HDMI and VGA outputs don't support this resolution on Dell Laptops. So you need a Laptop with the big Docking Station to drive the Monitor in correct resolution. So you have a choice between the Dell Latitude and Precision Series.

But care about this Problems of the new SandyBridge with Optimus technology:


So, nothing i perfect ....

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Re: External Monitor 2560x1440 Dell U2711

Update - AFAIK and said above, DVI (Dual Link) and DisplayPort both work at full resolution (i.e. 2560x1440).

However, iro HDMI, it is a little more complicated.

The U2711 can display 2560 x 1440 via HDMI IF your graphics card and driver (and cable) can handle it.

You can create a custom resolution or edit the EDID file.

In short, it appears that Dell regards HDMI to be for 'Video' only and as such, considers 1080p (i.e. 1920 x 1080) to be the maximum and thus 'native' resolution for HDMI.

However, HDMI can carry sufficient bandwidth to display higher resolutions.

So, if your video card and driver support it, you can force the monitor (via a custom resolution or by playing with the EDID file) to display the full 2560 x 1440 at 60 Hz and 32 bit.

Note: I am not recommending any 'solution'. You should beware, as officially this is not supported, will probably come with warning from your graphics driver control panel etc. and can cause other complications too.

Dell - Please create a flash update or something that updates the EDID file, so that 2560 x 1440 is seen as a standard, selectable, option via HDMI.  Alternatively, provide an explanation as to why this does not exist when it is the monitor's real native resolution.