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External display black after disconnecting cable and shutting down and reconnecting, only Intel 530 driver reinstall helps


so I have this brand new Dell Inspiron 7559 with the Intel HD 530 and Nvidia graphics card. I am also using a Dell external display that uses the same full hd resolution and 60 hz frequency.

So I have connected the external display using DVI>HDMI cable to my laptop. Everything works fine. But I have disconnected the cable, used the laptop around with the built in display and later shut it down. After doing this i cant start it with the external display again. No matter what I do, I tried every setting, also hitting the buttons on my keyboard to use only the second display etc. It stays black.

Only thing that helps - I have to reinstall the drivers "7559_Video_Driver_HYWWT_WN32_20.19.15.4352_A03". After doing this, it works again till i dont disconnect it and shut it down. But I cant work like this, always reinstalling the drivers.

Second Issue - after reinstalling the drivers, it restarts the system but the text is slightly blurry in some applications, I have to restart it again to get sharp text.


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