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Extremely Slow


I've had my Dell laptop for about 2 years now..?
I've used it mainly for gaming and even with games like League of Legends it has done extremely well.
A few months ago, I quit games for a while to work harder in school, and since I've come back, the laptop has not been responding as good as it had used to or even near as good. I checked the CPU usage and it was unusually high. It is literally at 76% as I am typing this, the only tab open and only program open. I defragged my laptop last night, but that did nothing. I've tried many other solutions as well as updating software. 
These are my specs:
Manufacturer: Dell

Rating: 5.9 Windows Experience Index

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)  i5-3320M CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.60 GHz

Installed Memory (RAM): 8 GB (7.88 Usable)

System Type: 64-bit Operating System

I would honestly try anything to get this laptop back to being fast, I can't afford a new one. 

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RE: Extremely Slow

Hi Linda,

Thank you for posting your concern here. We’ll surely check and assist you. Were there any hardware or software changes made to the system?

We’d suggest you to run the hardware diagnostics to isolate issues between hardware and software. Please click here to find the steps to run the hardware diagnostics.

We request you to share the service tag/express service tag, the name on the account and your email address through a private message, so that we can check for details and assist you. To send a private message, click on my name and select ‘Send private message’.

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RE: Extremely Slow

I hope DELL can help you with your problem - I just wanted to remind you to backup all your docs now and make sure you have a restore point in case it falls over completely. I had similar symptoms and now my laptop won't boot up at all. Good luck.

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RE: Extremely Slow

Press [Windows] and [ r ] and type in msinfo32 then press [Enter]. Provide the system model, BIOS revision and SMBIOS revision.

Likely its an OS issue. Clean installing Windows 10 RS1 opposed to allowing upgrade installs from Windows 7/8 will give you far superior performance. A SSD would also be a worthwhile upgrade: 

Dr Philip Yip
Tech Enthusiast and Author of the Unofficial Dell Windows Reinstallation Guide

Windows FAQs and OEM Downloads

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