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F2 (Setup) or F12 (Boot Order) no longer works.

During boot up my Precision M6500  no longer gets me to bios (F2) or boot order (F12)  screens.

This happened after careless mistake  I made. I had installed a new SSD drive and accidentally set SATA settings to ATA instead of setting to AHCI. Before I realized my mistake I had already put it to reboot.  During the reboot  it just went into a blinking cursor.

Every time I hit F2  it shows me the line "Preparing to Go to Setup" but ends up in a blinking cursor without going anywhere.

When I hit F12 it shows me the line " Preparing to go to One time Boot Menu" but ens up in a blnking curosr without going anywhere further.

Try to boot with a bootable USB thum drive or my Win2Go hard drive fails too.

But now it no longer boots to a  hard drive/usb drive.  Or a external DVD Drive with bootable Windows CD(I have a bad CD drive so that is not an option to try.)

Seems like I corrupted my Bios. I am not sure what are my next steps should be to recover from this.

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