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FHD Anti-Glare vs UHD Truelife LED

I bought the dndnpw5716hb laptop a month back and have raised a request to return it.The defect being bad screen bleed issue. Also the touchpad was not so responsive at all.

I am thinking of buying another one from DELL having a Truelife display.

So, I want to know the difference between the the following displays:

  • FHD (1920 x 1080) Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display
  • UHD (3840 x 2160) Truelife LED- Backlit Touch Display

What exactly is the Truelife technology? (As far as I know this is Dell's technology)

Is the percentage of light bleed issue less for Truelife lesser than the other?

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Any clue guys?

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TrueLife simply means the screen has no matte outer cover - it's a glossy screen.

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I belive it's an Ips display.  Not so shure though.

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It may be - the specs should say.  If it's the UHD screen, note that these, while extremely sharp, also come at the cost of greatly reduced battery runtime and significantly smaller pixel (and therefore text) size.

They're great for watching video - not so for office/programming/etc. work.

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Thanks for your replies. But it still doesn't answer the question.

Truelife do have a glossy screen but i don't think that its the only difference(other than the resolution).

The reason of my question is - in many blogs and discussions i have seen people saying that probability of getting a back light bleed issue is more for cheap LED monitors.

Truelife UHD screen laptops do cost more(probably $150-200 more) than the regular FHD ones.

Does that mean that the Truelife variant are higher quality than the other one.

Also, I found only few people complaining about screen bleed issue for Truelife UHD screens.

So, right now am in a dilemma

- should i go for a Dell Inspiron 15' 7559 with a UHD or should I look for a totally different brand.

(Do not wanna go for XPS series since they are out of my budget)

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Since these systems are widely available at retail, I'd suggest going to look before you buy.  

You may trade a light bleed problem for a resolution problem.

The other thing to realize is that the Inspiron line is the economy series - if you're looking for better screens, you will need to consider whether to save up for an XPS system -- just as you don't get the same features and build quality in a Toyota Yaris that you do in a Lexus, you don't get the same level of parts in an Inspiron as in an XPS.

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