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FN keys in Latitude E6320 not working and external VGA monitor not connecting

We just installed a new operating system into my laptop, Latitude E6320, Windows 7 64 Bit, as I had 32 Bit and it was slow. We accidentally wiped everything off of my computer and I ended up buying MS Office 2013 and installing it two days ago. So far, it has made some crazy number of updates to my laptop, 167 and counting!

Ok, so updates have been made, a driver has been installed so I can connect to wifi, but I can't connect it to my VGA External Monitor. It's not me, as I have verified, as it wouldn't connect to another monitor today with assistance from someone when I had a PowerPoint presentation to give. (Ugh, we resolved it using another computer, but still....)

My function keys are not working and I can't figure out how to fix that. I am also unsure whether fixing that will enable me to hook up my external monitor, but one step at a time here. HELP?