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Factory defect on Vostro 3560?


I'm a long-time happy DELL laptop user. using products of yours in home and at work. I referred dell laptops to all my friends including my Dad. He bought Dell Vostro 3560 and just after waranty is over it is dead. It wasn't congested and it was used on normal daily basis on the table, fans were working and wasnt covered then switched off and never went back

  • . Since then it won't turn on i have checked and seems like mainboard is burned so probably there is nothing i can do with it anymore? Looking for help since we can't afford new one before christmas Smiley Sad Did someone heard about factory defects in that Laptops? Could support help in any way ? 
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    RE: Factory defect on Vostro 3560?

    Not at this point, no -- if the warranty just ended, it must have had at least a 3 or 4 year extension - this system was current about four years ago.

    Most manufacturers consider anything over 3 years as end of life (in fact many won't allow more than a 3- year warranty -- Apple among these).  

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