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RE: Fading sound on system speakers but sound is fine on headphones

tried the recommended driver above, same issue exists. Only what I can hear audio is with a Bluetooth device such as speaker or head set and a wired headphones. On system speakers, for example when you play a youtube video it starts find but with in seconds its fades to nothing.

When this happens, are you watching all the volume controls?  One might be driving lower volume thus causing the volume to drop.

Since Bluetooth does not use the Waves Audio it would seem something involved with that was causing the problem.  It happened on one of my systems once.  I checked the volume mixer from the speaker icon and the speaker/headphones volume lever meter was showing almost no level.  The sound producing utility was showing a normal level.  

Make sure and check the default Waves setting for your speakers and possibly even save a new one when you have it set where you want it.  You have not, in the past, attempted to inhibit the Waves popup?

If you concentrate on YouTube, does stopping the stream and restarting, does the volume come back for a while?

Since this thread is older, there have been several driver updates.  Possibly something stuck in your system is causing the problem.  There is the FAQ in the audio section of the forum and one thing it suggests is to take the system back to the basic Windows audio drivers.  Once there you can reload the current Dell Realtek drivers.  It would be best to do this while offline so have the driver already downloaded.  When you uninstall the sound and check the box to remove all drivers and when you have deleted all previous versions of a driver, it should end up with the Microsoft driver.  Then install your downloaded driver.

If the volume continues to decrease after you install the driver correctly then possibly there is some software on your system causing the volume to change or a component is causing it.  If it was happening on my system, I would download and use Process Monitor to what to see if I could find anything changing the volume.


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