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Failed SPROM Validation on my Inspiron laptop 3521 W-7 64bit

Hi, I am getting download speeds of aronnd 88 MBPS on my desktop and 35 MBPS on my Insprion. I did a diagnostics test using DW WLAN UTILITY CARD. The SPROM test failed the validation test.

My internet connection may drop out once in awhile, like every few week for a few minutes. I did click on update all the drivers for the network adapters and all are up to date.

 SPROM Format Validation (verifies the content of the SPROM by reading a portion of the SPROM and computing the checksum)

I do not know what this affects, nor what else I should do, if anything. I ran this test thinking my wireless speed should be higher. 88 desktop vrs 35 on this laptop. router is an old netgear n-150 WR1000

Router should be able to handle up to 150 MBPS. Also when I connect it dircetly to modem using an Ethernet cable speeds are same as the desktop.

Thank you Gary