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Firmware list for TSST TSL-462C laptop CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo

Seems like these drives come naturally to me. Anyway, I have one that skips a lot while reading DVDs, so I swapped it with another. The replacement promtly disagreed with the shoddy Sigma Tel audio chip in my Vostro 1000. I updated the firmware and both device are happy for the moment. I had firmware DE07. After the update, it's DE08. The one I took out had DE09 printed on the sticker, and that firmware is available.

Does anyone know the differences in the firmwares? One of them had a bug that caused the drive to check for a disc every so often. I think it checked every 30 seconds, because I was getting spikes every 30 seconds. Normally my latency spikes to around 30,000 uS every 5 minutes due to the Intel 5100 wifi card (which is a VAST improvement over anything Broadcom or Atheros makes). I think DE07 might have been the buggy firmware. I don't know if I want to go up to DE09 and have skipping problems with it.

I also noticed the failing drive would play heck with both the SigmaTerrible audio chip and the DPC latency if I left a disc in it. I don't mind taking out the disc, but the DVD skipping as why I changed the drive.

Is there a firmware list for the TSST TSL-462C?

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