Fixing the Dell Factory Image


I'm trying to do the Factory Image on my Dell Inspiron 1440 Vista laptop. I did a manual reinstallation earlier, though was unable to load the proper drivers, so things are a bit messed up which I need to fix. My recovery partition is still there, and only my way of getting there has disappeared.

This link was posted on another thread on how to fix the problem (http://smsoftdev-solutions.blogspot.com/2009/03/how-to-restore-dell-factory-image-when.html)

And here are the instructions as given:


Here I will give you instructions as to how you can reformat your dell laptop hard disk and restore the factory image ( the hard disk contents with which your laptop came when you bought it). You will need your vista dvd for this.

I will be assuming that C: is your Operating system partition and D: is your recovery partition.

1. Boot the computer using your vista dvd.
2. Select Repair. Then select command line.
3. Goto your recovery drive and then to the tools folder by typing following on the command prompt :

cd tools

4. Then type this on the command prompt :

imagex /apply d:\dell\image\factory.wim 1 c:\

5. This will start the recovery process which will complete itself in 10-15 minutes.
6. Type exit on the command prompt.
7. Reboot your computer from your hard disk


My question is: When I boot from the Vista DVD, and then select "Repair and Restart", it just restarted to my desktop. How do I get to the command line like it says to do in Step 2?

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Re: Fixing the Dell Factory Image

Hi Kirei,

Welcome to the Community. If you boot from the Vista CD you will get an option to click on Install Now, do not click on Install now click on Repair my Computer at the bottom.


Hope this helps.

Thank you


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Re: Fixing the Dell Factory Image

It worked this time! Thanks for the link Royan - I was supposed to click "No' when it asked if I wanted to repair in Step 2. FINALLY, my laptop has reverted to Factory Settings - however, I used the Imagex link in the command prompt like it said in my first post, and not the D;windows/system32 one.

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