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Fraud at service center of dell


      On 1st Aug 2016 i called dell support no. 18004252067 at 10am to ask for technical support as my laptop was not getting boot. From there i was provided service center number of Lucknow. I went to service center and submitted my laptop along with charges Rs 1364/-. Service tag -<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

  Next day on 2nd aug'16 i received call from service center and was informed that hard disk is not working properly and it needs to be changed. They informed that new hard disk will cost 4500. I asked them to kindly retrieve my data from original hard disk and place it in new HD of laptop. 

On 5 Aug'16 i was informed that mt laptop is repaired.I visited service center to get my laptop. They gave me back my laptop but without retreiving my data and i asked for my old HD. Afetr returning home when i checked the hard disk details it was TOSHIBA MQ01ABD050 ATA DEVICE and when i checked the price it was Rs3500/- 

Kindly see to the matter ASAP _/\_


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