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Frequent Crashes

I recently upgraded my laptop's (Dell Inspiron 3442) BIOS from A06 to A10, hoping to resolve its WiFi connectivity issues (connection keeps dropping all the time. As far as I can remember, there were no problems encountered during the update. However, after that, my laptop crashes frequently, sometimes once, sometimes thrice a day. I can't leave it for too long now since there is a chance that it would crash. Also, when I close the lid or when it goes to sleep,I can't turn it back on again without removing the battery and inserting it again. Whenever BSOD occurs, it says PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA and it points to ntoskrnl.exe, which apparently causes the error. I run a dual boot setup (Linux and Windows) and I also experience issues in Linux (whenever I shut it down, it just stays there in the shutdown screen). Now, I've read somewhere that that specific issue in Linux points to a problem in BIOS. I've tried downgrading BIOS or reflashing BIOS through a bootable USB but to no avail, as the laptop won't allow me to revert to an older or current version.

Can anyone help me? Any help would be appreciated.

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