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GPU not detected at all after reassembly on Inspiron 5521 15R

Hello there, friends. I'm in desperate need of help.

I had the stupid idea today to thoroughly clean my sisters laptop so i took it apart completely. I've cleaned it well and put everything back on. When i tried to turn the laptop on, the Windows is Starting window appeared which relieved me, but suddenly i got a blue screen saying that atikmpag.sys is causing problems. I fixed that by going into safe mode and adding ".OLD" to the file. The laptop turned on finally, but it runs like a vegetable, since the ATI Radeon GPU on it is simply not detected, not even by the device manager. The laptop seems to be running only on the Intel Family 4000 which is horrible and can't even run Aero effects. I can't turn the brightness higher or lower. I can't even change what the lid does for some reason. And the device itself is hotter than usual. I already tried taking the CMOS battery out and put it back in but that didn't fix it. Attempting to install AMD drivers results in a little window saying that CCC(Catalyst Control Center) has nothing to run on. So I'm really really afraid i've messed something up while cleaning the insides of the laptop. Could anyone of you please suggest any fixes and methods? I'll be incredibly grateful and my sister won't kill me too. 

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RE: GPU not detected at all after reassembly on Inspiron 5521 15R

Did the cleaning include removing the heatsink assemblies?  If so, did you thoroughly clean off the remnants of the thermal material between the heat slug and heat sinks -- and apply new pads?

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