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My computer wanted to upgrade COMMAND UPDATE ..... it got to to virtually nearly the end and came up with the above error message (or similar). I found online that the COMMAND UPDATE 2.3.0 should be unistalled and replaced with version 2.3.1. I did both things but I ended up with the same error message right at the end.

Another area where I need assistance is that somehow I have turned off TMP or (TPM) resulting in not being able to sign on using the fingerprint scanner. Please also help in this matter as well.

I also purchased a Thunderbolt Dock TB16 which seems to have  a service Tag of 8WBF9G2 on the underside of the dock. This Service Tag doesn't seem to be recognised which may cause warranty issues. This item was purchased after  the purchase of the Dell XPS 15 9560.

I have recently bought a Samsung S8 Plus Phone (after 15 years with iphone) - My laptop doesn't seem to recognise the phoned, regardless of where it is plugged into.

I also have a Dell U2711 Monitor, but thats is well out of warranty LOL.

I guess that lot will be enough to sort out at the moment.

I look forward to hearing from you

Roy Jackson

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