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Gaming 15 Corners

I recently bought an Inspiron Gaming 15 laptop.  I mostly like it but there is one big issue...the front corners are super sharp for no reason.  I wouldn't have bought it if I knew this; Best Buy had it on a low table with no chair so when typing my wrists came nowhere close to the sharp edges.  Since I've been using it, my wrists have gotten torn up about every time I touch the keyboard.

Is there some kind of padded skin for this laptop?  If not, is it safe to take a file or some sand paper to the corners to make this thing usable without a USB keyboard?


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RE: Gaming 15 Corners

Unfortunately, I do not know of any padding that will help you with the corners. You can do anything you want to the computer since it yours. I doubt that will help your issue. Also, if it is still under warranty you may not want to use a file on it. This would not be covered under your warranty; if you are still within your warranty period.

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RE: Gaming 15 Corners

Something like this may do the job.


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