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General bad quality Dell Made in China

I'm realy frustrated.

After many years in Germany as Dell Customer with good experience I bought in a short time in Australia for the family 4 dell Computers.

3 of them are realy bad quality.

1 of them had mechanic DVD Problems from the first day.

Another now after one year a hard disk crash.

The next after 6 months massive display problems (TFT Display is often full of coloured lines.

After a short time the batteries are not anymore good.

The Keyboard make problems.

The Touchpad need a hammer to register my finger.

And and and and .........

And where is the place to complain?

I searched this morning more as a hour only to find out I can complain in general more or less only in this forum.

You have Customerservice for buying a product, to find a product, to make warranty complains, but did you have a general commend about Dell products, you have no chance to say something.

Nobody is interested?

This bad china crab had no quality.

I spend no money for something like THAT !!!! More or less is our experience in australia with Dell products a good reason to say, nothing from Dell anymore.

Peter Mike Warden


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