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Genuine Battery?

I have a new battery for my Dell Latitude E6530 because I had began receiving messages on the screen that the original battery was starting to experience decreased life.  The new battery appears nearly identical, but did not come in a Dell box.  I have been trying to search to see if there is a way to determine if this replacement is indeed an authentic Dell battery, but haven't found anything.  Does anyone know how to verify the authenticity before I install this in my laptop?

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RE: Genuine Battery?

The only way to guarantee that the battery is an official one is to buy it from Dell or an authorized retailer/reseller. To confirm if it is an official Dell battery though I would recommend looking at this link here and then under the notes sections see if the Serial Numbers on the new battery are close to the method Dell uses. Another option is to contact support if they do match this method and they can detail the warranty, but if they do not match (and while the battery could still work) it might not work as well.

In my experience these batteries bought from a third party that are not provided from Dell might perform a bit differently and not last as long vs a Dell purchased battery, but unless there was a recall on it they should work (but cannot be guaranteed since it was not something produced by Dell). I would recommend looking more into the battery model that shipped and see what expectations there are.

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