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Getting BSOD on my inspiron15

The BSOD shows when i move laptop slightly
if laptop is placed at same position it will keep working but if i move it than blue screen show.

Kindly suggest any solution

Here is my Dump file content

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RE: Getting BSOD on my inspiron15

Hi Mudassar786,

I am not seeing any dump content on the BSOD, can you repost? Alsou could you let me know what model Inspiron this is on? I know you say 15, but I would need to know the specific model. Lastly, have you tried resetting the memory (that might be a quick fix).

Best regards,


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RE: Getting BSOD on my inspiron15

Sorry for not posting dump data here it is

My Model is Inspiron 3521

and can you explain how can i reset memory and what will be effect of resetting will it remove my data?

PopCB: info read
PopCB: Status PwrState %x, Cap %x, Volt %x, Cur %x
PopCB: EstTime read
PopCB: error %x - new state %d
PopCB: irp cancelled
PopCB: query tag
PopCB: query info
PopCB: timeout %x, pwrstate %x, low %x - high %x
PopCB: query est time
PopCB: Battery removed
P P M _ P r o c e s s o r _ % s % d PopUmpoSendLegacyEvent %s: Sending legacy event to UMPO, code=%d
PoSIdle: new idle params set
Thermal Zone %p: going away
Thermal Zone %p (READ_STATE):
 Current Temp: 0x%x
 Critical Trip: 0x%x
 Passive Trip: 0x%x
 Active Trip %u: 0x%x
Thermal Zone %p: Above critial temperature (_TMP 0x%x, _CRT 0x%x). Shutdown initiated
Thermal Zone %p: Above critical S4 temperature (_TMP 0x%x, _HOT 0x%x). Hibernate initiated
Thermal Zone %p: Pending Coooling Point is 0x%x
Thermal Zone %p (SET_MODE):
 Cooling mode set to 0x%x
Thermal Zone %p (SET_ACTIVE):
 New Active cooling point: 0x%x
Thermal Zone %p: unexpected error %x
Thermal Zone %p: Sending Run Cooling Method: 0x%x
Thermal Zone %p: Sending Set Cooling Policy: 0x%x
Thermal Zone %p: Next read in %d sec
Thermal Zone %p: Sending Query Temp - ThermalStamp = 0x%x
\ R e g i s t r y \ M a c h i n e \ S o f t w a r e \ M i c r o s o f t \ W i n d o w s \ C u r r e n t V e r s i o n \ P o l i c i e s \ S y s t e m E n a b l e L U A E n a b l e V i r t u a l i z a t i o n E n a b l e I n s t a l l e r D e t e c t i o n D e v O v e r r i d e E n a b l e E n a b l e C p u Q u o t a Terminating critical thread 0x%p (in %s)
Terminating critical process 0x%p (%s)
Break, or Ignore (bi)? Critical thread 0x%p (in %s) exited
Critical process 0x%p (%s) exited


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RE: Getting BSOD on my inspiron15

BSOD is also known as STOP error this is very irritating issue when faced as this just like its name stop the user to do anything. So in order to fix blue screen of death error here follow the complete guide to fix BSOD error easily.:

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