ghost touching
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Ghost touching

I have an Inspiron 13 7000 series.  Bought it in 2015. Now it appears I have something called ghost touching.  My computer acts like it is possessed. what do I do? .

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What is the exact system model? When did the issue start? What is the OS installed on the system? Please write a detailed description of the issue and any troubleshooting that you have possibly tried.

When you mean ghost touching, do you mean the cursor moves around by itself? If yes, and if you have a touchscreen system, then disable the touch in device manager and check if the issue is resolved - see this link -

Update the BIOS - - enter the service tag and click on drivers and downloads and update the BIOS.

On the same site above, check if there is an LCD firmware available, if yes, then update the same and restart the system and check.

Keep us updated.

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