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Gigabit Ethernet on Studio XPS 16 with Core i7

I tired to order a Stuxio XPS 16 with a core i7 with  after adding to my cart I noticed that the specs stated the ethernet card was 10/100.   The specs on the XPS 16 page say 10/100/1000.  Called Dell sales, and they stated that a core i7 was not available with gigabit ethernet,  Asked tech support (via chat) and they say it is,  Who's right? 

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Re: Gigabit Ethernet on Studio XPS 16 with Core i7

Hello XPS3times,

I checked the user manual (Online Here) and it lists a 10/100/1000 Ethernet port. So... Tech Support wins!!!!!



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Re: Gigabit Ethernet on Studio XPS 16 with Core i7

This is one of the reasons why my next laptop won't be a Dell. I sent an email to their customer service asking if their home laptops come with Gb ethernet. Their response, which is what I thought, was "None of our home laptops have Gb ethernet"

Just about every other brand does, many netbooks excluded.

I'm not bashing Dell, I've been very happy with their products over the past 10 years, but I simply can't believe Gb ethernet isn't a standard in their home laptop line.

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