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Give up or keep trying? Warranty Question

I was having good luck with my E6520 when I noticed that only one  speaker was working.  In the process of fixing it the technician broke the fingerprint reader. When he finally got the parts replaced for the reader he bent a pin plugging the web cam in.  When that was replaced It was impossible to log onto the computer and when software support finally gave up they had to reinstall the operating system.  I have expended dozens of hours getting all the printers, network and programs installed.  I don't think the technicians that did the operating system re-install did a very good job because everything that I tried to start up seemed to need a new driver or wasn't present.  Two thing couldn't be reinstalled, Bluetooth and Quickbooks.  Software  Solutions finally gave up and decided the only solution was to reinstall the operating system again.  I now have a barren machine again and I'm faced with dozens of hours of program and peripheral reinstallation.  I have no confidence in the reinstall that they did.  Over the 11 hours that they worked on it, I saw them download drivers for Windows XP and Vista, This machine is supposed to be Windows 7 Professional. 

Am I wasting my time?  Should I try to get a new laptop?  I dread spending all those hours again especially if I get the same results. 

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Keep trying.  But focus really hard on making sure that all the hardware works perfectly.  As you start reinstalling programs (or even after installing), pay special attention to any part of your machine that could be off, log it, and mention ANY thing that doesn't seem right to technical support.  Dell is a hardware company, after all. and if something is still wrong with some of the hardware, it could affect how the software works.  On the Drivers, you can look up each driver on the website that was installed for your machine, and click on the buttons for the drivers' descriptions.  If any of them do not match with your hardware, definitely mention it.  Ask technical support to help you identify which drivers had been installed, if you don't remember.

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