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Given the run around by Dell's outsourced employee ONCE AGAIN!

This morning, I called Dell customer service team would FINALLY give me some answers as to why my Dell Inspiron would automatically shut off every time I moved it. I have called 2 times before and had gotten multiple excuses. I even stupidly bought a battery because a "Dell Specialist" told me the battery was the problem. BOY did I feel dumb when the problem persisted after I bought it! When I called today seeking answers I was told that my warranty expired 2 weeks ago and I had not extended it, so he would transfer me to the warranty support. We went through routine bios and hardware check,I explained that I called a month ago and was told to replace the battery, after the bios check I was informed that the problem was not, in fact the battery but the motherboard. I was told it will be $299+ taxes to  fix (which is ridiculous because I paid $600 for the laptop in total) all because the first dell associate gave me false information and told me that fixing the battery would be the problem. This is the LAST SRAW with me and dell.

P.S. I researched the product and have found many other users with the same problem, so dell is sending out faulty devices and blaming it on the customers. My device is clean free of scratches, no spills, drops or damages. I am writing this post to warn other users do not purchase any Dell Products because they'll jerk you around until you warranty is up and then try to bait you into paying for it.


A super fustrated customer

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RE: Given the run around by Dell's outsourced employee ONCE AGAIN!

As long as you have an issue open with them before the warranty expired, they are obligated to repair it. And if the battery was the issue, before the warranty expired, they should have  sent you a replacement.

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