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Goal Zero Yeti 400 power for Precision M7000 series laptop (M7710)

Has anyone here used a Goal Zero Yeti 400


to power a Precision M7700 series laptop during power outages or off the grid?

(Specifically I have an M7710)

The reviews look pretty good and one reviewer looked at the output with his oscilloscope "to check the "Pure Sine Wave" on the Yeti-400 AC output and I found a very nice sine wave with low harmonic distortion 150vp 60Hrz and 110vac RMS" so I'm assuming the dell power adapter wouldn't notice the difference between plugging into this and the wall outlet.

But I just wanted to check and see if anyone has feedback before ordering.

(There's no power companion available for the 7700 series laptops or I would go that way)

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