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Graphics Card upgrade


I have a Latitude E5540 with an Intel HD Family Graphics and I was wondering if it's possible to upgrade this? If so, what to?

I noticed on the support site under Video for the 5540 there is an nVIDIA GeForce GT 720M Graphics Driver but that won't install.

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DELL-Prajwal Sh
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RE: Graphics Card upgrade

Hi Dan,

Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum.

Unfortunately, the video cannot be upgraded on the laptop. The nVidia discrete video card option can only be selected while placing the order for the new system and cannot be upgraded later. 

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RE: Graphics Card upgrade

To upgrade you'd need to replace the mainboard (including the CPU, which is soldered to the board), heatsink assembly and likely the power adapter -- and, if the system is under warranty, that warranty will be void.

You're better off selling the system and ordering a new one than trying to upgrade this one.

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