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HDD error; unable to boot from USB (DELL Vostro A860)


I have 2 issues with my laptop (again). I downloaded Windows XP Professional SP3 ISO image and burned it to a USB flash with a slot for micro SD card, because I wanted to revert to the XP. However, I'm unable to boot the image, due to "bootmanager" being missing. That's the first question - how to fix it? Is it included (or should be) in the Windows image, or it should be present on my HDD?

Afterwards, I ran the Pre-Boot Diagnostics Assesment (PDA). It shown me error 2000-0146, which failed the HDD test. I read about it on this forum. Since I can't run the 32bit Diagnostic tool, how can I find out what exactly this error means? And, mostly, do I have to change my HDD? Because I'm not having a good overall experience with that laptop and I'm not looking forward on spending any money on it.

Thank you in advance.

P.S.: Don't send or request any PMs, because I can't read or send any.

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RE: HDD error; unable to boot from USB (DELL Vostro A860)

Hi User_BG ,

Good day ! Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum . I am Jennifer and I work for the Dell Social Media Team .

Here in this case 2000-0146 corresponds to hard drive failure error code.

I would have suggested you to provide the service tag ,contact details of the system owner , physical address via private message ( to arrange for part replacement )  as this is customer sensitive information  but since you have mentioned not to request for the same I would ask you  to contact our technical support for the corresponding part replacement if the system is in warranty . If the system's warranty has expired then you may purchase the same part from an external vendor as well.

I hope this helps .

Kindest Regards ,

DELL-Jennifer K
Social Media and Community Professional
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