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HDD memory showing less than paid for.

I have a problem.  Can anyone tell me why an XPS M1530 laptop that should be 320GB shows only 173GB in the C drive and 9.99GB in the D drive?

Thanks for any help in advance.


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Re: HDD memory showing less than paid for.

Is this as-shipped from Dell - or a new drive that you cloned?

A 320 billion byte drive is really 298 true gigabytes - it should show more than that.  Or are you looking at remaining free space?

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Re: HDD memory showing less than paid for.

Also--that D drive is not a separate drive. It is a partition on the C drive that holds the Recovery files to return the computer to factory settings. Do not use, add to or change anything on the D partition or you will lose the ability to use the factory restore. It takes up 15GB of the 320GB on the C drive and will have about 10GB of free space that it needs to work. To see a diagram of the drive and all the partitions, type Computer Management in the Start box and look at Disk Management.

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