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HDMI INPUT not working - M17x

The hdmi out was working fine but the hdmi in wasnt. i connected my ps3 to it and pressed hdmi in and it said 'pls connect hdmi device'. I tried several things but nothing worked. i also found a solution that worked for most people on the r4 which was :

2.Go to the registry location where all the grpahics drivers are located. In my case it was on:


3. Create a new key by right-clicking on the right-hand pan of the registry editor window and then select "New" > "DWORD (32-bit) Value".

4. Label the name of the new key as "DisableHPDFakeMonitor".

5. Once key has been created, double click the new key and then add the "1" to Value data area. Click OK to save.

6. Restart Windows.

7. Check HDMI-In functionality.

Can anyone help??

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