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HDMI audio (ie game sounds) are laggy/distorted unlless I have a solid audio stream already running

OK, let me explain.  New 1558 laptop, i7, 8gb, win 64 home prem.   The machine is hooked up to a couple external displays, one of which is via HDMI.  WHen hooked to the HDMI display (which has nice speaker setup attached) I am able to get sound out of it. PLaying music it works just great. Same for say a youtube video.

However, I have trouble with my game sounds. (NOt heavy gaming.. I play internet poker.)  What happens is that th esounds get truncated  or start slow or are otherwise distorted over teh HDMI connection.  I realized though that if I have music playing in te hbackground over same connection, then there is no problem with the sounds at all.  It is as if th echannell is already running or something.

Note that even if i have windows media runing a music file and even turn the volume on win media to 0 i still get great response on my game sounds.  It's really like the bitstream is priming the pump or something.

Any suggestions?

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