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HELP!! Bad Ram needs to be replaced

Every since I got my laptop (E1705) about a year ago, I've been getting these "stop errors" BSOD upon shutdown and startup. It was pretty frequent so I reformatted my computer because I thought it was due to a virus or some other software that's conflicting with it. I even ran a clean copy of XP patched up to service pack 2 without any software for a while and the BSOD still occurred. After months of asking around, I was finally recommended memtest86


And sure enough, it says the ram is bad. I have 2 gigs of ram, typically it takes 45 minutes to do a full check up and if the ram is good, memtest will keep checking forever. However, in my case with my laptop, it failed in just about 2 minutes of testing. The Bad news is that my computer is just out of warranty, I past it about a month ago, but when I purchased my laptop I bought it at the time where the ad showed all dell memory have lifetime warranty. Please I need to find a way to talk to dell about this problem and see if I can get a new set of ram and return my broken one since this was a factory defect from the start (I just didn't realize it till now)


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Re: HELP!! Bad Ram needs to be replaced

The memory purchased with a system has the same warranty as the system. If the system warranty has expired, so has the memory warranty.

If you bought the memory from Dell after the system purchased, and were promised a lifetime warranty, call or email them. If it's the original RAM, you'll need to buy replacements.

Before you do, did you take the faulty module and try it in the other memory socket? If the error travels with the soDIMM, replace it. If it doesn't, and shows up on the same socket each time, it's the mainboard that is faulty, not the RAM.
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