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HELP! Dell Insprion N7110 becoming unresponsive when using Internet

Hello all! Name's Toasty.

I currently own a Laptop from dell (N7110) and I'm having these really annoying and debilitating issues. 

About two days ago, When I would log onto my computer everything would be fine for a little bit. Then I pull up google Chrome and it works for a while, but then, all of a sudden, it becomes unresponsive. it'll say *(Not Responding)* and do that thing where the screen turns a whitish background color. 

Nothing new right? go ahead and ControlAltDelete your way to fixing it! 

Nope, I'll try that and either the TASKBAR/STARTBUTTON will turn the same color or the TaskManager will show up then it'll do the same thing. I literally can't do anything with it. 

First I thought it was a virus, and had nothing to do with an internet connection bug. However there was no virus and I found it quite interesting that in Safe Mode (I ran the scan in Safe Mode) the computer was just fine!!

So then I turn on the computer and go to my game League of Legends. THE SECOND THE GAME LAUNCHER GETS CLICKED AND IT TRIES TO CONNECT the same results happen. 

There is an obvious relationship with my computer connecting to the internet and it freezing (not to sure if freezing is the right term since I can still see my mouse cursor, I just literally can't do anything). If anyone has had experience with this issue or knows a fix PLEASE SHARE! 

And for the record, I called a Dell Technician. I went through the hardware check and all of my hardware is fine. So I know for a FACT it is not a hardware issue. (so my apologies if this post is in the wrong category, if any moderator could move it that would be great too) 

I'm a broke College Student with not even $100 to my name at the moment, Please HELP!

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RE: HELP! Dell Insprion N7110 becoming unresponsive when using Internet

Please scan your system using Windows Defender Offline:


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