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HELP Dell xps l502x not starting properly!

Hello everyone,

My Dell laptop has been having some issues but it has today suddenly got much worse.

When turning it on it goes to the black start-up screen with two options of normal startup and a recommended repair set-up.

I have tried the repair setting and all that happens is that a blue windows generic background loads with a movable cursor and nothing else. I have tried pressing F12 at various stages of loading this screen from the Dell logo onwards. All this does is take me back to the original black screen with the same two options, so ends up going in a circle. 

When trying to use normal start up mode it only gets to the windows loading screen with the logo and then the screen goes blank...

The charger has also become ineffective as of this morning, the laptop is not showing the charging light when plugged into the mains.

Before today there have been several instances of the blue screen but after scanning for viruses there didn't seem to be any problems and it went away, only coming back this morning with all the above issues.

hope that makes some sense to someone here! 

I am very worried as have important exams soon so would appreciate any help!

Many, many thanks in advance.

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