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Hi please can someone help! I have a Dell INSPIRON 910 - I had a blue screen and was told by pc world I need to reinstall all my set up discs - I keep trying to this this and get the error message it also says ' Block 5 Cant read, replace disk or remove write protection' - I am using a brand new external drive to insert the discs to reinstall - any advice will be much appreciated! thanks x


I have ran the set up disc and the Drivers and utilities disc and both stop at this error message.

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Your solid state drive has failed - you need a new one.

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The Mini 9 aka Inspiron 910 doesn't use a standard hard drive but rather a Mini PCI-E SSD.

0F00:0244 means your drive is bad.    If you have another computer you can setup a usb flash drive to boot from.

You Press the ZERO aka 0 key on the keyboard and choose boot from USB Flash.  The 910 has an SD slot that also is useful since it will take up to 32 Gig SD card.   I use an Echo ZE drive that stays plugged in so I do not need to take it out.  

 You use the utility from Pendrivelinux to format the USB flash drive as bootable and then PRESS 0 on the keyboard to choose the USB storage device.

There are replacements from Super Talent, RunCore, etc.

RunCore Pro 50mm PATA Mini PCI-e PCIe SSD Compatible with the Dell ...

Super Talent 16 GB Internal hard drive

Universal USB Installer – Easy as 1 2 3 | USB Pen Drive Linux

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