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Hard Drive Problems (Dell M1530)


Lately I've been having some problems with my laptop hard drive (HD). I say HD because its been slightly freezing and started making a ticking sound at the same time. For the first time recently I had a problem starting Windows. A screen came up to "check for missing portions" of the operating system. I allowed it to run and windows finally started. I immediately noticed everything seems to be moving a little slower. I had to restart after it completely froze (something that has never happened in 2.5 years I've had this Dell M1530) and then I tried a system restore. I don't think its a virus because I'm pretty careful about that. 

I have not heard the clicking sound before recently. I mean there is always the sound when your processor is running a lot of programs and the HD is working hard, but never the clicking sound that makes you think its about to give out. 

Please let me know if I need to be preparing to get a new HD or maybe I just need to reprogram the entire computer first. I did have to run a system repair with the cd to get it working again after that first problem.

Lastly, here is how everything is working right now. 

I'm not having any major problems, but I know my PC is a little slower. Programs seem to freeze a little when I open them and the HD ticks. That's about it. 

Please let me know what you suggest.  


Dell M1530

2.5 years old (no major problems since I got it)

4gb ram

320 HD (17gb free) I've backed up everything important!

512 Video card

2.4 Dual Core processor 

Windows Vista


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Re: Hard Drive Problems (Dell M1530)

try running the Dell Diagonistics at bootup  F12

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