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Hard drive error 2000-0142 on diagnostics


My laptop takes a lot of time in restarting. Generally i keep my laptop on hibernate or sleep and it works perfectly for 1-2 weeks. But whenever I restart or shutdown, it takes lot of time in restarting. I have to start it 2-3 times then only it starts working. While restarting if i choose safe or networking mode it works fine but if I choose normal mode it takes time and I have to restart 2-3 times.

So to check the problem, I ran diagnostics test. Every test is fine except hard drive test. It shows error 2000-0142. Hard drive o- S/N S2WDFCJX

Kindly let me know the solution.

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RE: Hard drive error 2000-0142 on diagnostics


Thank you for writing to us!

This is a potential Hard drive failure error .If you are able to boot the system then kindly back up the data , update the driver and also the BIOS . Once that is done you can format the hard drive and re-install the Operating system .

In the case this doesnt work then we would to replace the hard drive,kindly private message the service tag and email address.



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RE: Hard drive error 2000-0142 on diagnostics

2000-0142 means the HDD has failed and needs replaced. I wouldn't perform a BIOS update on a failing HDD... Ensure you backup your data to an external HDD.

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