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Hard drive replacement

I seriously do not understand why I can not find an answer to this question. I need to clone my drive because it is failing. The oem drive is connected and only answered to it's own motherboard. Got it. My drive is failing. I need a new drive installed. I want the whole drive coppied/cloned so I can just slap the new drive in it and have it fire up with it's own original oem purchased licensed copy of windows. Why is this so hard to find an answer too?

I also do not understand why there are so many partitions. Been building computers for years and working on them. Why would you need more than the oem partition and a backup area for idiots plus the main drive? Seriously? 

Anyways, don't me to be a jerk. It's jut frustrating that I can not get an answer.

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RE: Hard drive replacement

Whether you can clone the drive or not depends upon how it's failing.  If there are bad clusters on the drive, most cloning utilities will fail -- you can try a chkdsk /r, which will attempt to recover data from the bad clusters and move it to good ones, and then try the cloning.

Newer systems with UEFI support use a GPT drive structure -- yes, there are multiple system partitions that are required for the UEFI setup to function - and there are recovery partitions on the drive as well.

The bottom line is that the answers you seek depend on the system model, how it's set up, whether the drive is secured with bitlocker, etc., and on how it's failing.

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