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Hardware Malfunction


I purchased Dell Inspiron 3420 (i5) on 06-05-013 in Nepal.

Not even after 2-3 months hardwares started to get nuts. I mean first the Hard Drive then Fans and one of the speaker too. I went to Neoteric Servicing Center located in Kathmandu. They fixed the speaker and also said that they fixed my fan too. Well, I thought every problem was solved until yesterday my fan randomly stopped spinning and burning smell started to arouse. I shut it down immediately. I'm not sure if i should open it again.

Now about my Hard Drive; is beeping sound that comes from inside the laptop (not from speakers) normal? What does that sound even means? And not only that, most of the time my system freezes right after that beeping sound and doesn't responds at all even when i'm just listening to music.

Last time when i booted, i deleted the system partition and installed OS on another drive but forgot to re-create the partition, amazingly freezing problem totally stopped but beeping sound still persists.

So, this is my story. Anybody got any idea what's happening actually?

Any kind of reply will be appreciated.

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