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Hardware configuration question

I have a dell XPS 15 l502x which is supported by a 130W adapter. My adapter broke and I had to purchase a new one. well the question is that I received a 180W charger online (obv their mistake). Will it cause any damage to my Laptop as it is of higher watt than the normal one or can I continue to use it as it did not throw up any error when I plugged it in .

Looking forward to a response.

Thanks in Advance. 

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RE: Hardware configuration question


Thank you for writing to us!

We would suggest you not use the 180W  adapter  as it might cause damages to the main board.

Kindly private message the service tag and email address.



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RE: Hardware configuration question

It will cause no problems - the system will draw only as much power as it needs.  It's safe to use a higher-capacity adapter -- but the reverse is not true.

The adapter should run cooler than the original and will likely last longer as it won't be stressed as much.

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