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Help! USB 3.0 to External HD Excruciatingly Slow

I'm getting 230 KB/s on USB 3.0!

I got a 2TB WD External HD USB 3.0 When I move files to the external HD the transfer rate is way too slow even with USB 2.0 standards.

WD Driver was  installed successfully. I double checked the cable, it is connected to the right port (the one designed for USB 3.0).  Everything is the way it's supposed to be. But it's still very slow.

What could be the problem?


It's also slow when I use other external HD, so it seems that the problem is on the laptop side not the brand new external HD side.



Dell Inspiron 15     (3521)

Win 8 ~ 64 bit 

6 GB RAM, 450 GB HD