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Help: Where can I get docking station for two 4k 60hz monitors?

Hi, I am looking to purchase an XPS 15, 16GB RAM and 4k touch model.

I want to use this laptop with one (maybe two at a later stage) external monitors. I am considering purchasing monitors that are 4K, although I may opt for FHD instead. Ideally I am looking for a docking station that connects to the thunderbolt USBC port, and that gives me USB ports, Ethernet, and display outputs.

However, I haven't been able to have any luck (in the UK) at finding this. Why? Because I can't find anything that will allow me to output to two 4k monitors at 60hz frequency.

The closest thing I found was this, and I don't know if it will work especially since the monitors I am looking at don't have displayport: https://www.loveofficestuffs.com/pgProduct.cfm?Product=20420_156_2402543-StarTech_com_Thunderbolt_3_...

However with this I can't use it like the docking station as it only does the displayport and not the Ethernet and USB, so I would have to get separate adapaters and separately charge the laptop - very messy and time consuming every time I want to use the laptop away from home to unplug everything!

Please can someone advise me on a good docking station that supports two 4k monitors at 60hz in the UK?

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