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Help me about transfer warranty of laptop Dell latitude without Previous Owner

Hello my friend,

First of all, I will tell my situation and hope some one can help me to solve it. About 3 month ago, I have purchased a laptop model Latitude E7440 from Ebay. After that I ship it's from Us to my country is Viet Nam. I used it about 3 month and everything working ok. But last week I have a big problem with my laptop, after using it i restart and go to Bios to see some information (because last day i have update it to a new version is A16 from A9). After that, i exit a something happened to my laptop it suddenly shutdown and from now i can charge or do something because it not any response (when i try to charge it, the light of an Adapter aromatic turn off and actually i can charge or do anything with my laptop). Does anyone think a cause my laptop suddenly die because I update Bios?

So i decision to contact with dell support and hope they can help me warranty my laptop. But unfortunately, they need me to provide some information (previous owner or order number) and i can't provide then any thing. Because this laptop i buy from eBay sellers. So i try to contact a sellers who's i buy this laptop and hope they can help me. But unfortunately again they replay me they just a third part reseller so they don't have any information to help me.

My laptop latitude E7440 have warranty to 26/10/2017 and it a Prosupport. I have explained that I purchased from a pawnshop from eBay and they have no identifiable information from the previous person to. I know this is a rude of dell but you know when you spent nearly 700 usd to buy a laptop, now it just like a metal because I can't use or do anying and you not get any support or warranty from Del although it's have a time to warrant to 2017. I think it's not fair so please someone can give me an advice and help me!

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