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Help please! Laptop is stuck on "running 1 out of 9 Updates" page

Can anyone please help me out?? 

The laptop is running Windows 7, its my sisters and she hasnt done updates in a long time (i know..) and she let someone who obviously wasnt qualified run updates and switch settings a long time ago. So she asked me to take a look at it, I found the firewall settings were all whacky and were blocking everything (why she couldnt get on IE but there was a connection). And almost all of her Windows security features were off.. with the exception of the firewall. So I adjusted them to where they should be, and it showed many updates that were needed. I then chose to update the features (some were an a critical level) and it went to the typical 'dont power off or unplug, installing 1 out of 9 updates"

**Its been like that for almost 24 hours, AND I have tried many times to shutdown and press f12 when i turn it back on- all that does is go right back to the same page (installing updates..blah.. blah.. blah)

Are there any other options?? Im getting ready to throw it out the window! Thank you Smiley Happy

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