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Help to get rid of CloudReady+Chromium, and get Windows OS.

I'm sorry if I've posted this in the wrong area, or if it's a duplicate.

I have a Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 Laptop. Service Tag is <Deleted due to privacy policy>. It has the Windows 8 sticker on the back, but the Dell site has Windows 10 Home listed as the OS.

I bought this used, and the previous owner installed CloudReady + Chromium OS.

He no longer knows his CloudReady credentials, and he doesn't have the original product key because the Windows was an OEM install.

CloudReady won't allow me to factory reset it, and I don't know if that would help anyway.

I need Windows. I'm also beyond financially challenged, so the cheapest way possible is what I need. But I also can't screw up this machine, because I can't afford another one.

So...can someone tell me what my options are? I don't know what OS this laptop can run. Can it do Win 7? Should I buy Win 8? Can I install a new OS from a usb stick?

I know just enough about computers to be dangerous, but definitely not enough about this. I would so greatly appreciate any help I can get. Neverware, the company behind CloudReady isn't interested  in helping me, and I'm just really hoping someone here IS.

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RE: Help to get rid of CloudReady+Chromium, and get Windows OS.


Welcome to our community. Since the previous owner had installed Chromium OS and also had created credentials for cloud and if you do not want to use the same, you might have to reinstall the Operating system after wiping out the existing one.

If you have a Windows 7 retail copy and the product key, you may go ahead and install the OS. If you have Windows 8 media, you can go ahead and install the OS and the product key is embedded in the Motherboard.

If you don’t have either of the above mentioned options. You may consider contacting the Out of Warranty team and purchasing an OS media. You can contact them at 1800-288-4410. Please write to us if you face any concerns.

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