Help windows seven destroyed my internet speed

Hi everybody,


I have a dell inspiron 1420 laptop. I bought about 3 years ago and it worked great. I recently had a neihbor, who is a computer guy, install windows 7 on my laptop, replacing vista. Before I put on Windows 7, I was getting internet speeds of 23+ mbps plugged in and 19mbps wireless. Now I cant get more than 5 either way. I called Time Warner and they did some trouble shooting and they couldnt find anything wrong, I plugged in my other friends laptop and sure enough about 20 mbps. I told the guy who installed it and he said he had updated all the drivers and that it must be my internet. I am thinking about reinstalling windows vista, it was much faster overall and now with windows 7, my computers hard drive memory is halfway full and the laptop randomly starts making sounds like its burning a cd or something (and stays that way for awhile). Is there a driver I need to install or am I better of putting Vista back on. Oh and he installed Kaspersky anti-virus too, which a few days ago started causing problems too. If anyone has any idea what is going on, please help.

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