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Hibernation and sleep modes

Does prolonged use of hibernation and sleep affect the battery or the system?

I've Dell vostro 2520. I usually hibernate it for four to five times for every 12 hours and put it to sleep mode nearly for the same time for short durations.
I've been noticing certain changes in the computer's performance after nearly five months of using it in the above mentioned way. Sometimes the computer goes to log off mode after three to four hibernations at a stretch and it doesn't hibernate further unless it is switched off. Many a times after resuming from sleep there's a change in the appearance of the start button. It appears kind of encircled by a ting of some colour. Sometimes after repeated hibernation the modem shows 'No Device' and functions only after restart. The battery also shows some strange variations like from 76% of charge is drops to 10% and while it was on 76 mark it led was red. It's a new battery and the old one too showed similar performance at the end of its tenure.

Thank you for replying

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