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High Resolution on Precision Workstation

Reading a great deal of discussions on high resolution issues with laptops and the E-port docks.  I'm looking for anyone who has had success with getting 2560x1600 resolutions out of a Dell Latitude or Precision laptop using an E dock or not using a dock.  Or hopefully Dell techs have done this in a lab somewhere.  I'm not interested in any spec sheets or what "should" work.  

Laptop model and video card?

Monitor model?

What port/cables did you use?

Dock? which ports?

What resolution and Hertz used?

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RE: High Resolution on Precision Workstation

Dell Ultrasharp U2711 and U2713 monitor

M6400 - NVidia Quadro FX3700M, MM6600 - NVidia Quadro 5010M, and M6700-NVidia K5000M 

The only way we were able to get resolution on the monitors over 1920x1080 on the external monitors is by using the display port (DP) cable and ports. No DP adapters to be used with DVI or VGA cables, or vice versa. 

The two listed monitors above have a maximum display resolution of 2560x1440 (59Hz or 60 Hz, True 32-bit Colour). We did not have issues getting that resolution through E-port Plus (2 different E-port plus models) on all three mobile systems using DP ports. Also DP port on the mobile workstation was providing maximum resolution of the monitors.

Side note:

One can get higher resolution on two monitors above by using VGA cable than DVI-D cable.

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